IRCTC train Booking, Indian Rail Train PNR Status

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The #1 app for IRCTC, Booking Train Tickets, PNR status, pnr status prediction, tatkal train ticket, seat availability, NTES train enquiry, vikalp irctc booking, ordering food on the train, live updates, train schedules, metro timetables, bus bookings and much more!
ConfirmTkt is the official IRCTC partner train app for the Indian Railways and is trusted by 40 LAKH Indians.
You can track coach position, discover confirmed hidden seats from next/previous stations, live train running status, train schedule changes, access live stations, current availability and also file TDR for e-tickets or cancel tickets at anytime.

What can you do with the ConfirmTkt App?

💺 Seat Availability & Bookings:
● Easily track seat availability for IRCTC trains by date and location
● Book your tickets instantly - receive instant SMS notifications 💬
● Share your details via Whatsapp, Facebook & Kimbho
● Retrieve irctc user id, Forgot irctc password or forgot irctc userid, reset irctc password, register new irctc userid available in the app. Vikalp option also available for automatic allotment into other trains in case of waitlist

📈 PNR Status & Quota + Wait-list Predictions with Data Analytics
● Keeps you informed about PNR status changes through notifications
● Helps predict PNR status confirmations for waitlisted tickets before chart preparations to help you make a well-informed decision about your journey through our analysis
● Assists in finding Offline PNR status predictions - simply enter your PNR details to find confirmed vacant seats from the different stations
● View Wait-List trends for specific trains with reference to their schedules and timings
● Enter your source, destination and date to get train details along with predictions for all quotas including Tatkal - One click train search with predictions for all Quotas

📆 Live GPS Tracking & Schedules
● Automatically saves Train Timings & Schedules enabling you to view these and the live running train status in offline mode as well, never despair at a lost internet connection again! ⌛
● If you ever worried at train delays, current location, expected time of arrival or simply asked the Question ‘Where is my Train’? ConfirmTkt’s live GPS tracking is the perfect app for you!
● Get instant updates on the Train Coach Position
● Offline & Online - Live tracking through GPS of the train, current location + Train coach position 🕐

🍱 Food Delivery
● Get food delivered right to your train seat, from government authorized outlets!

📲 Easy UI & instant notifications + All your information in one place!
● Easy to use interface makes your booking process easy to use, smart and intuitive!
● Use our trip manager for easy access!
● Automatically fetch PNR details from your SMS to make trip management hassle free - Your PNR’s get saved and details can be accessed with a single tap anytime
● Receive instant SMS Notifications for all bookings / cancellations

🚌 Bus Bookings
● Book confirmed buses at the lowest prices
● Find 100% secure payment and 24/7 customer support without hassle.
● Also view our Intuitive Fare enquiry: Train Details, Train Schedules all in a single page!

🏅 Awards
● ConfirmTkt is the proud winner of awards like the mBillionth award for Travel & Culture award in 2017, Manthan award in 2016. It was selected as most innovative startup by Nasscom 10k startups at NPC, 2016.

Share our app on Whatsapp, Kimbho, Messenger!

🔑 Why we take permissions?

Location permission: Easily access your current location for Cab bookings SMS & inbox permission: Automatically adds your trips by reading SMS from IRCTC.

Identity permission: Takes email ID for notification emails, Access verification. Photos / Media / Files permission: For accessing external storage where schedules are saved offline.

Hop on to become a part of our travel family: 40 lakh travelers and counting! Happy Predicting! 🚂 🚂 🚂 🚂 🚂 🚂

📧 Email us for queries and questions at



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