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Site Inspection - Snagging, Site Auditing, faults

发行商: Saroj Vadekar
价格: 3.41 USD


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Construction Inspection app that helps you to log defects/faults. It makes easier to do site audits and prepare inspections report in the quickest possible manner.

Note: by default app is configured to add a single image to a snag; but if you want to add multiple images then you can configure it. Please go to the Setting -> Default Values-> then ‘ON’ settings to add multiple images for a snag.

Feature List :

- Record defects/faults with photos, annotate the photos by highlighting key points.
- Print and share professional PDF reports for each project.
- Add your company logo, auditor name, and signature.
- Customise headings and terminology to match your industry
- Report site auditing, snagging, punch list and inspection list for site works.
- Simple auditing, Record issues, take photos and share reports quickly and easily
- Organise site auditing, snagging, punch lists, a checklist for site works.
- This is a business application for conducting Site Audits.
- Snag List makes inspecting, auditing and reporting any site quick and easy.

Share Project information:
- Share a fault/issue with other workers.
- Share the recorded information with other colleges or co-workers to combine report.
- It allows creates a zip file of issues/faults and it can be easily imported into the app to merge with other users.

Photo editor for annotation
- Modify photos by adding overlays.
- Add a note to the photo to point out faults.


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61 条评价

Real easy to use wonderful app! This allowed me to create a professional generated audit report for my customers and they love it. If I had any questions on using its features the support team was quick to respond and act in a very helpful and polite manner. Way to go guys you made me a life time customer here 👏.


Rapid response to the request..."Want to know if the date or a report number can be included at every page. The intention is if somebody print the document and loose any page identify to where it belongs."


basis function easy to use. hope to put many photo in a snag. overall is good


Easy to use and time saving. I use it with Samsung Note 10 and I am happy with the product. I will ask the developers to add item number on each issue on the reports. Also the cover page, project photo to be bigger. If possible to have a Word format of report as well. Thank you for your efforts!


So far so good. But there is a bug that whenever I delete a snag, it closes the app. Also the photo quality was downgraded, hopefully the app should retain the phones camera quality. Thanks.


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