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烹饪游戏 : Chef Cat Ava

发行商: Nukebox Studios.
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Welcome to the world of Chef Cat Ava, a young ambitious cat who recently graduated from Paris' famous culinary school - Savourez l'école Culinaire.🏫 From a very young age, Ava😺has dreamt of starting her own food truck business 🚌 and becoming a top-notch chef cat. Ava wanted to master diverse cuisines and spread her love for food across the world.🌎 She also loves travelling. What better way to fulfil both passions than travelling the world with a food truck and serving tasty meals-on-the-wheels! Thus, began Chef Cat Ava’s food truck journey. She’s looking for a helping hand.

Are you ready to lend a hand to Chef Cat Ava to pursue her dreams? Let’s go.

What’s in it for you!

Help Chef Cat Ava Build Her Food Truck Empire 👑
Chef Cat Ava is counting on you to make her big in the cooking industry!

Take the Food Truck Around the World! 🛫
Experience amazing gameplay with 700 new ‘n’ tasty dishes from across the world, 680+ fun levels & 14 exotic locations.

Follow Chef Cat Ava’s Story 📕
Make Chef Cat Ava’s dreams come true.

Up the Truck 🚌
A truck speaks a lot about a person! So make sure to decorate Chef Cat Ava’s truck with the best available merchandise to make it look super cool!

Unlock Achievements🏅
Chase whacky achievements to put Chef Cat Ava on top of the leader boards and trump other chefs.

Food Carnival Wars ⚔️
Toss up and battle it out against other chefs at the Food Truck Cat Carnival, and help Chef Cat Ava cement her name in the cooking business!

Do a cafe makeover, participate in covet culinary fashion fests like cake mania and create masterpieces in this awesome kitchen game, and become a master chef.

Level Up and Upgrade your kitchen appliances to cook quickly and serve fast.

Are you ready to help Chef Cat Ava? 🔥

Get a chance to cook delicious food like chicken, tacos, pizza, pies, pancakes, bagels🥯 pretzels, 🥨 bacon, hotdogs, steaks, shrimp, sushi, tofu, escargot, baklava, gua bao, cheesecake, and much more in this restaurant cooking game!

Follow the delicious Meowy Journey of Chef Cat Ava😺around the world to 14 exotic locations - Venice, Paris, London, Boston, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin, Costa Rica, Morocco and more. Order up, and spread the taco truck food truck games craze across the world 🌎 in this new kitchen cooking game. Expand into a diner or a cafe, and run your delicious kitchen.

Help Chef Cat Ava manage her restaurant, and serve tasty food in this time-management ⏱️food truck cooking game - from the al dente pasta of Italy, petite oven bakes of Paris, rich chocolate pies of America, interesting and peppy brews of London, to the triangular hand-made delights, hot bowls of ramen, dumplings and dim sums fried or steamed, and Tacos for the road. 👩‍🍳 Top Chefs 👨‍🍳are not confined to the walls of the restaurant kitchen! Make more than 100s of mouth-watering dishes! Ace other chefs at fun Food Truck cat carnival challenges and spread the cooking fever! Help Ava become the best gourmet cooking master in the food truck game.

If you love playing food truck games, restaurant games, cook games, kitchen games, cafe games, waitress games, Kitchen Challenges, Dairy games, Dash games, Diner games, or food games then you will love this crazy cooking madness with catty chef Ava!

Make new friends and travel with Flo, Emily, Zara, Cooper, Hilton, Dana, Victoria, Dior, Ava, Jane & Duke at the sprawling beaches 🏖️ of Morocco! Help Chef Cat Ava become the top chef of the food trucks empire.

Cooking Games: Chef Cat Ava™: 😺 Cooking Games, Delicious diner’ is a completely free-to-play game but some in-game items require payment.

Privacy Policy
Cooking Games: Chef Cat Ava™: 😺 Cooking Games, Delicious diner respects your privacy, does not store any personal information, and does not share information.


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