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Killer Snake ELITE – Move Quick or Die!

发行商: Gamerce ApS
价格: 2.55 USD 支持应用内购买


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🔎Explore the landscape and find all the snakes before they slither away – use your skills to avoid their vicious attack, and extract their valuable venom! Impossible to run!

🌎 Do you have the guts to travel across the world to find and catch all the different killer snakes? Visit North America, Asia, Australia, Africa and South America and experience the beautiful but hostile environment – the natural habitat of the dangerous snakes. 🌵

🐍 The worm-like creatures could be hiding behind the skull of a dead ox, in the warm sand, behind a rock or a beautiful green plant or flower. Day or night, these vile creatures are always looking for new prey. Move your finger close to the snake for more points – but make sure to move it quickly to avoid the deadly bite and attack.

Every year more than 100.000 people are killed by snake bites. To save such victims, venom must be obtained in order to produce serum. You must travel the world catching the world's most venomous snakes in order to obtain this venom and save their lives!
Find and unlock all the snakes; anaconda, king, corn, python, rat or coral. Spiders are available for unlock. 🕷️

To catch the snake you must first provoke them to have them attack you, react quickly to avoid their deadly bites, and stay cool to gain the highest fear factor bonus and points! Will the slithering snakes bite you, or will you catch them and free them from their poison fluids?

✔️Beautiful 3D graphics.
✔️10 types of snakes to catch.
✔️Unlock the 5 levels of the game.
✔️ Visit the 5 beautiful locations.
✔️ Survive the World Tour Game.


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