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The AMOLED Wallpaper PRO Version do not contain any type of advertisements. AMOLED Wallpaper provided here are all high quality Best Wallpaper Collection.

- First ever 2160x3840 Quad HD Resolution AMOLED Wallpapers.

- Get the best AMOLED Wallpapers and make your phone look amazing as you are.

AMOLED Wallpapers is a True HD wallpaper app which provides hundred of photos with high resolution.

- Super AMOLED Wallpapers.
- Full collection of HD wallpapers are of high quality with resolution 2160x3840.
- Support all screen resolutions for any mobile phone.
- Categories so you can find the wallpapers easily.
- Add to Favourite Function for convenient access to your favourite images
- Share images to anyone and any other applications in a simple way.
- Good looking User Interface so you feel amazing while using app.
- Set wallpaper as lock screen and/or home screen with cropping.
- Daily updates with new wallpaper.
- Save to SD card.
- Beautiful AMOLED Wallpapers that you will love.

Favorites and histories
- Keep your own favourites and histories.

Battery Saving
- Most of black wallpapers apps on Google Play Store will use your battery energy excessively, but we developed a smart battery saving feature that will let our wallpapers save your battery energy because they don’t contain many colors. We are used completely deep black color.

✔️ Permission
Your privacy is very important. We only ask for the permissions that are essential for the app to be used properly. We are used -

- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to save the wallpapers to your own device’s storage.
- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to read the saved wallpapers from your storage.

Contact us
Any feedback or suggestion please send to below email:

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