Word Battles - Crossword Game with Friends!

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Get ready, get set, and get competitive with the most exciting word game of 2020!

Exclusive to Google Play, this unique multiplayer crossword game will have you crusading into competitive combat for an experience like no other. Battle it out with your friends and family as you have one minute to place 6 letters to solve the word and dominate the board, all in real-time!

Do you have what it takes to think quick and fast? So what are you waiting for?
Challenge yourself and reach the top of the most coveted leadership board with one of the most exciting games you’ll play this year!

This mobile take on the original classic crossword does it all in real-time; guaranteed to have you thinking and competing, all the while having unlimited amounts of fun!

Action-packed and free to play, features include:

● Play unlimited matches simultaneously

● Invite your friends, family or random opponents to challenge

● Get notified when your opponent plays their turn

● Beautiful graphics!

Please contact us at fun@funstudio.games with any questions or to report bugs.



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