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Credit Suisse – CSX

发行商: Credit Suisse Group AG
价格: 免费


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Whether at home or on the way: As a client of Credit Suisse – you can take care of your banking business whenever you like. Save time and money by making payments and securities transactions via Mobile Banking and enjoy convenient, flexible banking – all protected by high security standards.

Benefits of our App

Personalized home screen: See all information you define at a glance
Accounts and Cards: Get an overview of your assets and card transactions, check account balances and subscribe to push notifications
Pay and Transfer: Scan QR-bills and approve eBills with just a few clicks
Save and Invest: Manage your savings or purchase and sell securities
Cardless Cash: Withdraw or deposit cash at ATMs with QR codes from your smartphone
Support: Receive support through our callback service

The requirements for using this app are an existing client relationship with Credit Suisse in Switzerland and a valid login for Credit Suisse Direct. In order to benefit from our state-of-the-art security procedure, please download the app “SecureSign by Credit Suisse”. Further information on the login process can be found at

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6341 条评价

Excellent. Speedy. Clear. Thx!


The app is very slow. The bill scan function doesn't usually work. The menus are not thought through. Notifications arrive only after opening the app (pretty pointless at that stage). Credit Suisse should look what foreign competitors are doing with their apps, because the CSX apps just seems many years behind (especially knowing how much money they charge for a simple account).


I am trying to open an account, I downloaded the application as the website told me to do so. When I go on the application, there is nothing mentioned about "become a customer" how am I suppsed to create an account?


Same problem for me as well. I have issues with the scan of qr codes. For me after the update it never works and return back to payment menu


Can't scan anymore, since the last update I can no longer use the scan function to pay my bills. This is a major function right....?


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