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CryptoTab VPN - unlimited access to global net

发行商: CryptoCompany OU
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Download CT VPN to get access to any website from anywhere in the world. Use VPN app on your mobile devices, while at home or traveling abroad. Browse the web without restrictions. Keep your data safe and your location private.

• With CT VPN you can use websites and apps which were not available before. Get unlimited private access to any kind of content.
• You can easily switch countries and hide your IP address. Сhoose any country from the list and change the location just in one click.
• Make Wi-Fi data secure with CT VPN and connect to public Wi-Fi without fear of losing privacy. Use both mobile Internet and Wi-Fi connection with VPN service.
• Using CT VPN does not drain your mobile battery to maintain a constant connection. So there is no need to worry that your mobile will run out of battery quickly. It allows you to use your device efficiently and be sure that it will last you longer.
• You can decide which apps will use the secure tunnel and run through the VPN connection and which will work as usual.
• Experience high-speed connection for secure streaming. CT VPN provides the speed you need to watch videos, play games and browse any websites.
• Get rid of ads with traffic optimizing feature. Browse Internet safely without worrying about additional mobile bandwidth. Surf safer, faster and avoid extra expenses.


Up to 1 GBs speed
Connect up to 1000 devices with a single account.
Powerful encryption for the highest level of safety
No additional traffic to maintain connection
Works with Netflix and other streaming services
No logs policy
Secure DNS
High-speed servers with Premium servers option
Traffic and battery optimization
24/7 customer support

Install the app and enjoy fast and safe Internet on smartphones and tablets whenever you need it!


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