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从贫民到总统 -人生模拟经营类游戏

发行商: SooFun Games
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Become a tycoon before your character die at 100 years old. This is a life simulator game that you could challenge yourself from zero to a hero tycoon president in a limited time and enjoy this life simulation game.

At beginning as an ordinary person living and working enjoy this life simulation game;
Select your first business to make money and buy some foods, clothes and rent a house;
Make good use of your spare time to get education include management, design , development, lawyer, economics, finance, stocks, trading, investing courses. So that you can constantly climb up the corporate ladder and enjoy this life simulator game;
If you already have some money you should learn about how to manage your money. The game provide you stocks market to manage your money enjoy this life simulation game. You could make more money in the stocks market with your courage and wisdom. There are four kinds of real estates for you to invest. Trade your stocks and real estates business successfully and become an investing landlord tycoon and enjoy this life simulator game;
In this virtual world you also could meet all kinds of incidents in parks and streets enjoy this life simulation game;
Sometimes you need some good luck in blackjack club and maybe you could make a miracle from casino games and enjoy this life simulator game.

Find your girl and built your own family and have your own children;
Ensure physical and mental health of you and your familiesand enjoy this life simulator game;
Buys cars, houses and planes everything you wanted from zero to hero;
Constantly enter new fields, improve your position and make yourself an elite;
Go through all the challenges and become a president and enjoy your bitlife and enjoy this life simulator game.

Life simulator rpg games!
Super fun tycoon games!
Super addicted business games!
Enjoy this life simulator game!


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5029 条评价

It was horriblw


What is this


Game wouldn't allow me to do anything.


No DJ f Heywood


The game doesn't make sense. The higher you get, the easier you'll become depressed, sick and lonely. You'll be forced to purchase something just to survive


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