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Love Lust Hate Anger Interactive Choice Story

发行商: CW GamesStudio
价格: 2.49 USD


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Please Note: The game currently supports English language only.

A young successful woman, part owner of a thriving business. Happy, carefree, beautiful and flirtatious. Until one day you're life is turned upside down, by a handsome, rich, stranger, with an alluring sex appeal. Will you succumb to his charms, will you plot revenge, will love win you over?

Love, Lust, Hate, Anger is an interactive visual novel which gets you right involved in the action by letting YOU make the choices.

If you would like to try our free version which gives you access to the first 9 chapters, it is available here

The app features characters who have various facial expressions throughout with various wardrobe changes, over 40+ chapters, over 500+ HD quality background images which help to visualise the story along the way, background music and sound effects, all these put together creates an immersive experience.

One off purchase for the complete game
No adverts
No in app purchases
No waiting for energy to replenish
No diamonds required for choices (all your choices are available at no additional cost)
Hours of gameplay
YOU choose when YOU play and YOU choose YOUR way.


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65 条评价

Great so far.


I liked it! Can't wait to see what you write next.


There no point to having choices in a story if the options all lead down the same path. Though I enjoyed the first run, my second play through had 0 effect on the path I was led down. Don't offer options like a cyoa, if the choices, don't actually change the direction the story takes. Without giving spoilers, I will say I understand what you were intending, I just think you need to take it farther..I shall look foward to reading your 4th app then. 😊👍


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