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DiVino is an application for Bulgarian wine lovers that includes all the wines presented at the DiVino.Taste 2019: Тhe Forum for Bulgarian Wines.
Bulgarian wines are continuously improving. But how do we find out which ones deserve our attention the most? How do we navigate the enormous variety of manufacturers and brands?
This wine app was created to be useful to all who take keen interest in the increasingly high-quality Bulgarian wines: in their origin and the people behind them, the tastes and aromas, the way they accompany good food, the delight they give. In recent years, Bulgarian vine growers and winemakers have been working with genuine inspiration and impressive professionalism; that is why we at DiVino are becoming more and more responsible in our work.
DiVino.Taste is an exposition of wine producers from all over Bulgaria, with tastings of their best wines. DiVino.Taste is the most significant forum for Bulgarian wine and already has a 9-year history. Over the past eight years, the number of exhibitors has increased from 37 in the first edition in 2011 to 85 in November 2019. The number of visitors has already exceeded 7,000.
DiVino Magazine and DiVino.bg are specialist media, dedicating their work to Bulgarian and world wines, wine journalism and evaluations, quality restaurants, food ecology, gastronomy and green philosophy, wine and culinary journeys.
The major part of our work consists in regular wine tastings throughout the year, as a result of which the DiVino tasting team evaluates each wine according to a 100-point scale. You can find the database of all wines tasted on DiVino.bg.
Divino Top 50:
As a continuation of our year-round activities, we present the DiVino Top 50 rankings of the best Bulgarian wines, along with the DiVino awards in different categories: Best Red Wine, Best White Wine, Best Rosé, Best Special Wine (sparkling or dessert), Best Local Wine from a Bulgarian variety, and the Best Buy Award received each year by those five wines with the best value for money among all those tasted during the year. We also include a separate DiVino Top 10 rating for limited edition wines of up to 2,000 bottles.
DiVino Guide:
DiVino Guide: The Best Bulgarian Wines is a practical assistant that makes it easy for consumers to choose from the broad variety on offer. This Pocket Guide—in Bulgarian and English—was created to assist you in your choice of Bulgarian wine.
Basic functions:
• Easily orient yourself in the wine exhibitors' hall of DiVino.Taste 2019
• Find the cellars and wines by table number or exhibitor name
• Add your own ratings and comments about the wines you taste during DiVino.Taste
• Find a wine from the exposition you would like to try again and add it to your favourites

You will find most of the wines presented at the tables of the cellars in the Casavino store, built at DiVino.Taste
We hope the DiVino app will assist you in making your choice of wonderful wines to share with friends and to bring you pleasure and joy!



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