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Dragon City Tool helps you play Dragon City game easier than ever.
1- Breed your dragons.
2- See what is the results of your breeding.
3- Speed Up your breeding time and hatching your eggs.
4- Play in the arena and win your combat in one click.
5- See your Dragon city profile and enjoy it.
6- All your new dragons in hatchery show like "new" or not
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The aim of the game is to become an ultimate dragon master. Users have to build their city on the floating islands where they have to breed their baby dragons that will evolve into beasts. Users are offered to build their city with beautiful farms and buildings along with habitats and many more exciting choices. One can build an impressive city in order to impress their friends when they visit them through Facebook requests.

This game became so popular that dragon city tools became an essential requirement for every user in order to fight battles against each other. Moreover, the addicted users of this game started using such Tools to become the strongest dragon masters. It also enable them to expand their dragon army on a daily basis.



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