Ticlim Decide Compras

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Decide is the ideal tool for the buyer who wants to accurately identify the best among various shopping alternatives.
The process starts from the evaluation of the main factors involved in the confrontation between the need and several alternative solutions.
As a result of this confrontation the buyer can decide on the one that best meets the requirements of the need, the one with the lowest cost of obtaining, or the one with the best cost-benefit ratio.
Application portability allows the purchase decision to be made anytime, anywhere, with the security of a simple, intuitive, secure, and primarily justifiable process as it is based on the universal purchasing decision process
The factors of analysis and evaluation of alternatives are made according to the following criteria:
- Cost-benefit: presents the relationship between the cost at Present Value and the Benefit provided by the analyzed alternative of purchase.
- Cost-benefit equalizer price: it suggests to the buyer the Target Price to be sought from the seller, so that the alternative also provides the same Cost-benefit of the best analyzed alternative. This information is of fundamental importance as an indicator of the basis of a buyer negotiation with the seller of the alternative.

- Cost-benefit equalizer percentage: it suggests to the buyer the discount to be claimed from the seller, so that the alternative also provides the same cost-benefit of the best analyzed alternative.
- Disbursement-benefit: shows the relationship between the amount disbursed and the Benefit provided by the analyzed purchase alternative.
- Expected satisfaction: presents percentage, how much the analyzed alternative satisfies the grace, considering that full satisfaction represents 100%.
- Cost to Current Value (Present): presents the cost of acquisition of the alternative to the Current Value (Present), considering the interest rate of the buyer's applications.
- Disbursement: presents the amount to be disbursed for the acquisition of the analyzed purchase alternative.
- Average Payment Period: presents the Average Payment Period of the alternative, highly relevant information to minimize the pressure in the Cash Flow.



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