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Babba - Cry Translator, Baby Language, Tracker

发行商: Deeply Inc.
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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👶 Baby Cry Translator for First Time Mom & Dad
Hard time understanding your newborn's cry? No worries! AI crying translator Babba got your back.

Just let Babba hear the baby's crying, then Babba'll tell you why.
Babba provides abundant parenting information with a reliable source.
Newborn parenting is incredibly harsh. Whenever you need help, Babba will be there.

🍼 What does Babba offer?
- AI baby crying interpretation
- Personalized AI analysis of baby cries
- Unlimited access to analysis
- Learn by behavior: Free parenting guide
- Learn by sound: Free parenting guide
- Parenting tips grouped by sections (ex: Massage, Newborn trouble, Bath...)
- Monthly babycare guide
- Cry recording
- Learning by comparing with other babies' cries

💑 What makes Babba so special?
- Real-time baby's crying translation
Just record the crying for 10 seconds, and artificial intelligence interprets the crying and tells you what the baby needs.
Based on a massive database of babies' crying sound, Babba guarantees high accuracy.
- Personalized AI crying analysis
Babba provides customized AI crying analysis for each user. Three most likely reasons for cry and solutions are provided.
- Full access to past analysis
You can always find previous analyses in the history tab. By tracking these analyses, you can learn a certain pattern of your baby's cries on your own.

In addition, we provide baby care guides week-by-week. You can learn what your baby needs in advance. It's a must-have app for first-time mom and dad!

👶 Babba's award and participation in events👶
- 2018.06 Facebook Korea startup accelerating program (Namsanlab)
- 2019.03 Google for Startups 2019
- 2019.05 Facebook global conference (F8) invited startups
- 2019.05 AI with Google 2019 speaker
- 2019.06 The Economist Seoul conference speaker
- 2020.01 CES 2020 exhibitor

Do not use Babba for medical purposes.If you have medical problems, please consult your pediatrician.

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We appreciate your feedback and always consider your reviews carefully!
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· room 613, 21, Baekbeom-ro 31-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


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