Kid-E-Cats 野餐: 免費小猫游戏! 女生游戏 & 男生游戏同喵咪! 婴儿游戏!

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Favorite kids cartoon 👧👦 Family games & boy games! Fancy cats & kitty cat games free 🐱 ! Малыш, любишь мультики для детей? Качай развивающие игры для девочек!

Kid-E-Cats are going on a picnic 🍢🍡♨️🍔 ! If you are looking for great preschool games for little kids free, join the three kittens 🐱🐾 now! It will soon become one of your favorite kindergarten games!
Bring some yummy food, fruits and vegetables (just like in any food games for kids), choose friends to come with you, feed everyone and enjoy a cozy evening by the campfire in these games for kids!
Do you like interesting games, boy games and girl games? Then you definitely love cartoon games! Three kittens from the popular Russian cartoon "Kid-E-Cats" are heading out of town. They want to have a picnic and you're invited too! And all of your friends! Play together animal games for toddlers free (toddler games free for 4 year olds and kindergarten games free for 5 year old)!

🐱🐱🐱 Help them take some food to the forest: Mother Cat knows just what her family loves to eat, follow her instructions to pick up the right food, 🍎🍇🍊 fruits and vegetables. 🐾

🐱🐱🐱 Choose your favorite of the three cats to take with you. You can pick different characters each time you go.🐾

🐱🐱🐱 Avoid obstacles on your way to the forest. 🐾

🐱🐱🐱 Lay the table on the spot, catch fish 🐟 🐠 , collect berries 🍇🍒 or mushrooms 🍄, play with butterflies and feed every member of the cats' family! 🐾

The game is simple and colorful 🎮, so even the youngest players can go on interesting missions and play mini games.
We know how preschool games for little kids free are important for children development. So we try hard to release most interesting games: animal games for toddlers free, boy games and girl games. In our portfolio you will find free games for kids, kindergarten games free for 5 year old, toddler games free for 4 year olds and even food games for kids! We encourage you to download and try our free games for kids because we are sure your children will love them just as they love their favorite cartoon characters (cartoon games are cool!)

Download kindergarten games and have adventures with the three cats!

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