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Calorie diary

发行商: Dimo Company Limited
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Calorie diary is an app for recording the amount of calories you consume. The App will suggest how many calories you should consume per day to achieve your target weight, whether it is losing or gaining weight and you can find the number of calories from many Thai and international food items, with cute cartoon characters that are fun and are not boring anymore !

Calorie diary can be connected to Google Fit which makes it easier to record your weight. It also helps to count steps. This allows you to know how much distance you have walked in one day and how much energy your body has burned from walking as well.

【Good things that the app includes for weight loss】
▼ Calculate the calories you should consume per day to reach your weight goal.
▼ Find calorie and nutrition information such as: Proteins and fat from the list of Thai and international food items.
▼ Scan barcodes of various Thai food items and beverages from convenience stores or supermarkets to see nutritional information.
▼ Counting steps and ranking of daily walks by app users via Google Fit
▼ Adjust the proportion of macronutrients for the right nutrition goals for you.
▼ Sharing achievements: View your progress and number of steps taken each day with friends.
▼ Record and remind water intake and help calculate your bmi and bmr
▼ Personal coach recommendations and reminders what should be done on a daily basis.
▼ Simple animation exercises which can be done at home.
▼ A graph showing walking calories and weight to help you keep track of your daily progress.
▼ Interesting articles on health and fitness included.

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If you have any problems using the application, please contact us at


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