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From Dplay app, you can enjoy a wide range of genres from adventure, car/motorcycle, universe/nature, to animals for free. Enjoy our contents for free anytime from your computer, cellphones, tablets, and Android TVs.

• Watch your favorite program whenever you want Dplay
• Watch all our contents for free with just registration
• Find our newly updated or new contents with easy to use menus
• Just by logging in, you can enjoy Dplay on any device. You can watch Dplay on Android TV, tablets, smartphones, and PC.

Mobile network and WiFi charges may apply to your use of Dplay. Download the Dplay app, register an account and get access to our content. You can view limited content without registering.

By downloading and using this app, you are agreeing to the Dplay Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. For more information about how we use your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.
This app uses tracking technologies to understand how users interact with our content and to help personalize our content for you. You can learn more by reading our Cookies & Tracking Technologies Policy. By downloading this app, you agree to the use of tracking technologies as described in the Cookies & Tracking Technologies Policy.

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Please contact, dplay_jp@discovery.com for further inquiries regarding our service.

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