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Siren Head Scary Adventure

发行商: Death Mansion
价格: 免费


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Siren Head Scary Adventure Game.

Scary Head is waiting for you in the field at night, with loud siren noises.
You find your family is missing after hearing a strange noise late at night. In this terrible horror adventure, you must escape the horror of Scary Head!
Solve the maze's puzzles in Siren Head Scary Adventure to get out of the scary sounds. The scary head will always be nearby, keeping an eye on you in the Haunted House Escape Game.

The Siren Head Horror Game is a first-person haunted house horror story set in an abandoned village where a scary human creature known as the siren head was seen to live in the Scary Horror House. Do you have the courage to explore Horror city and possibly face the monster in different Siren Head Scary Adventure Games?
This is a horror escape game with Siren Head vs Light Head. When a spaceship came to the forest then, you and a boy become trapped in a terrifying haunted area, so you go to the town from Scary Haunted House Forest, but the scary Siren Head appears and captures you in this Haunted House Adventure Game with Horror Escape.
Light Head vs. Siren Head Game-Haunted House Escape is available in three different modes:
• As a Siren Head • As a Light Siren Head • As a Pipe Siren Head in the Siren Head Scary Adventure Game.

Haunted house escape games are back with siren heads and pipe heads to make the Horror Escape scarier, and with Pipe, Head ghosts to spook you out in this pipe head scary game. Scary Granny and teacher are no longer alive, and their ghost has appeared through the spaceship in the character of a pipe head to trap you in a terrifying haunted escape game in a hurry you enter the wrong haunted house way, resulting in you being trapped within a house full of pipe and scary heads. In this Terrible Haunted House-Siren Head Scary Adventure Game of pipe head and siren head ghosts Horror Escape, the only escape may be planned with a hidden key and finding the scary secrets after destroying scary Pipe Head to attack you.

Here are some specifics of Siren Head in the Siren Head Scary Adventure Game:
It's a tall, mysterious human monster with a strange look and a variety of sounds coming from its head. Its head is a pair of sirens with mouths that it uses to kill any human that happens to come across it, as the name suggests. In this scary reborn Siren Head game, you must uncover all of its secrets. A horrific cry voices in the dead air and fills your heart with fear. The battle has begun in Siren Head Scary Adventure Game. What will you be able to do in this game? This creature can hear and see everything you do, but you can hide and confuse it so it doesn't notice you.
- Visit various scenarios and find all of their secrets.
- Play a scary game that is suitable for all audiences and Enjoay a bloody storyline!

Features of Light vs. Siren Heads-Siren Head Scary Adventure Haunted House Game:
• Simple and easy controls
• High-quality Siren Head Character
• Realistic Haunted House Simulator
• Amazing 3D graphics
• Best Gameplay
• Offline Game

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