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Scary Doctor Math Teacher Goes To Crazy Hospital

发行商: Moo Moon
价格: 免费


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Ouch, baldi is a doctor now but still teaching math for his side job? So, baldi got fired from his last job teaching education learning math in school, baldi no longer a teacher, he is now a doctor baldi in medical hospital emergency room working hard to save a patients with a mathematics lesson? And baldi legs getting fixed in hospital, Sounds crazy, am i right? But here it is, doctor baldi in hospital come to the rescue medical student with math subjects.

He still mad like when he still a teacher, you need to find 7 notebooks medical for inspections, but every medical notebooks you got must be clear using math before you can submit it to doctor baldi hospital. Only one mistake will make all 7 notebooks medical infected and of course doctor baldi will never accept this. Doctor baldi in hospital usually do teamwork with nurse playtime together with principal and bodyguard bully. You need to escape from this crazy maze hospital medical school which can be done by collecting all spceial 9 notebooks.

Every items will be useable when escaping against doctor baldi and his psycho scary math teacher friends. You can use quarter to buy special bsoda and get time hospital plaster box to stop doctor baldi medical hospital movement. Using scissors to cut playtime nurse jumping rope.


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