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Simdi is one of the world’s largest Short Video Maker App. This is a platform to forecast talents to the whole world. This funny video community app lets you follow your favourite entertainer(s) for good fun and entertainment. So bring your Simdi up because this App becomes a trendsetter on social media now!

💕 Amazing Video Community! 💕
People from all over the globe connect here because it is the best entertainment app! This is a full dose of entertainment like tiktok funny video, made for the youth all over the world. You can find daily challenges, creative trends, entertaining and a lot more videos to download. From local snack funny videos to eminence, you get everything like here!

💯 Best & Trending Genres! 💯
Find the most famous videos online tending up to more than 15 Genres like dance, music, comedy, jokes, pranks, challenges, pet, cooking, nollywood, fashion, download Whatsapp status, comedy, community, glamour, cute tiktok & likee videos and many more.

Huge Features Just For YOU!

📹 Ease Of Shooting! 🤳
Simdi’s ease of shooting amazing tiktok-like status videos is one of the reasons why it's the best youth app! Features like an Easy-to-use camera with real-time filters, special effects, face stickers, makeup camera, emojis and much more make the creator’s life easy and give a great opportunity to grow on the popular app, Simdi!

🎼 Music Playlist 🎼
Tune in to the top songs and music labels on Simdi. Give your personal touch to your unique & tiktok videos and reels with your favourite song or lip-sync to famous dialogues - the choice is yours with unlimited music and a sound playlist at your choice, the possibilities are endless and you can be the next star on Simdi!

👯♀️ Duet Videos 👯♀️
One of the most trending videos is the DUETS! And what better way to get in the game and make a duet. Reels do it on Simdi with your friends, loved ones, and even celebrities! So get a groove on and get going with the Duet feature on the Simdi video now!

🤩 Celebrity Influencers! 🤩
You can go on top because top celebrities influencers video and Tiktok creators are now in the Simdi community! Like, follow and engage with your favourite celebrities and be a part of the global community of creators. Discover new talent every day on the platform and get a chance to star in a unique funny short videos and add your own favourite stars, and gain millions of followers.

🤝 Easy Sharing Across Platforms! 🤝
Be it your own shorts status video or something you love – easily share the entertainment with your friends and family on Whatsapp snack video status, Facebook reel or set as your social media. Watch shorts Videos for Free. Create a profile, follow power creators, like and share!

And this is just the beginning...

We would love to hear from you. For Complaints, feedback, or suggestions – reach out to us at


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