Dice Kingdom เกมส์เศรษฐี (Beta Test)

发行商: Dream Dice
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Dice Kingdom developed by Indie Developer!!
Meet cutie characters with variety job, play with friends and all players around the world in fair play and more challenge.

More fun with Dice Kingdom realtime chain card system, you may love it.

Dice Kingdom is New Fantastic Dice and Board Game.
Colorful board with 8 events and Realtime Chain Card system,
play and win in 7 turn and you will be the millionare.
Begin with hold the roll dice button until the result you want and release, then move along the board with variety event to make you rich and richest.
Collect item to upgrade your character and become 5 stars.
Collect job items to unlock new wonderful uniforms and get more abilities.

In Dice Kingdom Game have 8 events on board with difference colors and will auto upgrade while game playing from 2x - 4x and make more lucky, more challenge, may be extreme challenge at the last turn.

Green Block - Receive money from Bank.
Red Block - Pay your money to Bank.
Grey Block - Play Roulette for Rewards, if unlucky play money to Bank.
Blue Block - All Player pay the gift for you by your Gift Point.
Purple Block - Guest Dice Result for Odd or Event, right get money, wrong pay money to a bank.
Yellow Block - Open Chest and get treasure.
Orange Block - If you the fires stand on it get that block to your land, next player to stand on it will pay to you for a rental fee.
Rainbow Block - Get Salary when walk through or get double salary when stand on it.

Card in game have 6 types, use for support or trick others, only one card change the game and may win.

Plus Money Card - Increase Income or Pay of owner turn by 50%.
Share Benefit Card - Share owner turn income to be yours for a half.
Share Funding Card - Help turn owner to pay, who have most money will pay.
Cancel Card - Cancel effect of the last card on table.
Change to Plus Card - Change owner turn pay event to Income .
Change to Minus Card - Change owner turn Income event to pay.

Let’s play as millionaire in Dice Kingdom Game!

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DiceKingdom Website



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