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发行商: Dream Kodez Gaming Studio
价格: 免费



排名历史显示恐怖的海妖头怪物:恐怖屋之谜在Google Play应用商店中的流行度以及其随着时间的变化。您可以追踪恐怖的海妖头怪物:恐怖屋之谜在不同国家、分类和设备上每一天每一小时的表现。









Scary Siren Head Monster occupied the haunted house from the old village and he is trying to make as many hostages in the basement of this scary house. You have a chance to solve this Horror House Mystery by revealing the hidden objects in the scary siren head house. Dream Kodez Gaming Studio presents this offline horror mystery game to adventure the hostile cryptid character siren head created by artist Trevor Henderson. Give it a try and have fun for free by playing this head to head survival mission game with siren head. Have fun with this pipe head siren game and adventure the horror escape from the occupied haunted house. He is very active and take no time to make you victim of his danger. He is a speed hero of monsters and always looking for you so be careful and take precautionary measures to prevent the siren head attack. He is not a human nor a ghost but he has got super powers to shock any human with his speed. Its a girls game and boys game, both can give it a try by hitting the install button and explore the house of siren head horror mystery.

Objects to find in Scary Siren Head Monster Horror House Mystery Game:

-Keys to unlock rooms and exit door
-Knife to avail cutting object
-Scissor to cut the electric circuit wire
-Hammer to break the main door wooden shield
-Torch to view in the house of darkness
-Unlock all the locks and escape from pipe head horror house

Scary Siren Head Monster : Horror House Mystery Features:

-Plan for your horror escape from haunted house
-Beware of creepy siren head
-Solve the heart-Thumping mystery
-Discover hidden objects to unlock the main door
-Horror sounds according to game play
-Complete your mission and be victorious
-Pipe Head horror creature escape
-Horror game offline version
-Scary animations and environment


Scary Siren Head Monster : Horror House Mystery is an independent game and have nothing to do with other games of siren head. Game is well designed for a unique gameplay and violate no rights.

Scary Siren Head Monster : Horror House Mystery is actually a horror mystery hidden objects game as a offline adventure to entertain our horror game lovers in horror games 2020. We will be consistent in updating our scary siren head game and will be considering your suggestions in each of our new update. Must let us know about your experience of playing this siren head occupied house game.


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