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Lucky is the one application that will give you the chance to get awesome discounts and offers for FREE!

With partnerships with more than 100 of your favorite brands, you will not need to wait for the sale season to go shopping, you can get your discount and start shopping now. Needless to say, we made sure that lucky discounts will cover all of your essentials, such as clothes, groceries, electronics, home appliances, coffee shops, fast food chains, restaurants and much more.

We did not forget about your luxuries, of course they are covered too. On Lucky, you find discounts and offers for beauty salons, spas, entertainment hubs for you and your kids, and much more. You may redeem your discounts in Cairo, Alexandria, and major cities across Egypt.

How Lucky works!
Lucky is such as easy application to use. All you need to do is:

Download the App

Select the offer you want to redeem

Visit the store and press “Get the offer”

Scan the QR at the store

Scan it via the app, voila!!!

Why download Lucky?

Why not? Lucky doesn’t require any confidential data, easy to use, does not ask you to pay any amount of money, and helps you save huge amounts of money. Who wouldn’t want to save money nowadays?

Still hesitant? Check the following benefits!

· Easy & Smart

It’s all through your phone. Nothing should take more that one click! You won’t hold brochures nor coupons nor cards.

· 100+ Brands

We have a growing network of merchants and stores offering a large variety of exclusive discounts and offers.

· Free!! No fees required

You don’t have to pay anything to enjoy Lucky.

· Flexible Terms & Conditions

The process is very easy! You are only a few clicks away from tens of redeemable offers and discounts.



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