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DTC App provides safe, fast and reliable rides in Dubai.

With DTC App,
• Discover new places in Dubai, Travel & Connect with the loved ones with DTC mobile application.
• Book immediately or schedule your ride now in simple steps.
• Transportation and commute have never been easier in Dubai.
• Discover, travel & connect beyond your journey.

DTC App is an initiative of Dubai Taxi Corporation. Designed for use in Dubai, it provides residents and visitors in Dubai, UAE, access to fast and reliable transport services from Dubai Taxi Corporation.
DTC provides all kinds of services, comfort means, and customer care that meet the highest levels of transportation quality standards. All this provided through a dedicated staff that seeks public satisfaction in introducing new and excellent services in a manner that contributes to the elevation level of the transportation industry and in reflecting its civic image.

DTC App has excellent features like,
• Effortless registration and login
• Wide range of car types including luxury limousines, electric cars, and extra-space vehicles
• Get quick and timely access to cabs by connecting to the nearest drivers available
• Extensive usability options
• Document and keep track of transactions with booking history
• Real-time fare calculation from a particular pickup point to a selected destination
• Real-time trip tracking
• Ride scheduling service
• Easy location tracking using map information
• Timely reminders and updates
• Secure payment with various payment options
• Option to provide feedback and rate service experience
• Offers, promotions, and discounts
• Support via email and phone

Users can choose ride options such as:
• Premium Electric Vehicles (DTC ENERGY)
• Limousine or Premium Black Cars (DTC BLACK)
• Extra spacious Cars for a group of 6 (DTC BLACK XL)

About DTC (Dubai Taxi Corporation):
H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Executive Council; having reviewed Law No.(17) of 2005 to establish Roads & Transport Authority (RTA); Executive Council Resolution No.(8) of 2006 to establish the bodies subsidiary to RTA and approve its organizational chart; resolved to be established by virtue of this resolution and Corporation to be called Dubai Taxi Corporation, which shall enjoy legal personality and be financially and administratively independent. Dubai Taxi Corporation shall exercise its activities on commercial bases and may contract with third parties and in this capacity may litigate as plaintiff or defendant. The Corporation so established shall be subsidiary to RTA.
Dubai Taxi Corporation’s(DTC) objective shall be to transport passengers in and to the Emirate of Dubai by small vehicles (taxis); lease small vehicles and exercise any other activities related to such purposes. The Corporation may also transport passengers to the Emirate of Dubai from outside in accordance with any agreements made with the concerned authorities in other Emirates.



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