iFishing Go-加强版在线街机达人经典打鱼机

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iFishing Go-Arcade classic fishing game, popular in Southeast Asia and around the world, easy to use online fishing game.
Through 100% reduction of arcade fishing, classic gameplay fusion innovation, say goodbye to the game hall, iFishing Go is your game choice to spend your free time!
[Game Features]
▼ 2019 popular crowded multi-person fishing game, the picture is beautiful, funny dubbing, enhance fishing fun.
▼There are localized languages ​​in many countries and regions such as Traditional, Simplified, English, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Vietnamese.
▼Gold coins treasure chest open every day, the lucky turntable does not stop, the million gold coins welfare does not stop..
▼ big three yuan, big four hi, similar bombs, full-screen bombs, super energy cannon let you enjoy the thrill of a net..
▼ Frozen world, lock BOSS, diverse skills, rich gameplay, feel the silence of the dusty world.
▼VIP is more skillful gift package daily gift, holiday welfare gift, timed tasks, gold coins get soft.
▼ BOSS bottoms to walk, challenge Boss, upgrade your super weapons and Boss battle to the end.

What are you waiting for, stretch out your hands and let us experience the underwater fishing mobilization!!!
【Contact US】
If you have any questions in the game, or would like to know more about benefits and games, please come to our fan group: https://www.facebook.com/ArcadeFishing
The game is aimed at adults.
The game does not offer cash trading gambling, nor does it have the opportunity to win cash or physical prizes.
The practice status or achievement in a social game does not represent success in future cash trading gambling.



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