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Light Speed Hero Rescue Mission: City Ambulance

发行商: EBSA Tech
价格: 免费


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City ambulance simulator has brought an ending to your waiting for some extraordinary rescue presentation in the form of ambulance simulator in which you have all kinds of real city ambulance rescue thrills under your charge. Accept the challenge of emergency ambulance rescue and show your thinking approach to help and aid troubled people by affected true role of light speed hero. Don’t let your fellow people alone in superhero rescue mission because your minor effort can bring them out this crisis of speed hero games. Be the hero of your city in ambulance driving game and play your role as speed superhero to provide them comfort at this time of deep worry as firefighter rescue. You have each and every player friendly feature under your belt in this game to help them all affairs of this game as skilled and professional flying superhero.
There are numerous emergency situations for you to control in city ambulance game and you must be very nimble in successful carrying out of doctor robot rescue mission because the lives of many innocent people are clearly dependent on your actions. Be very brave to take all kinds of these risks of helicopter simulator games and bring all the troubled people out of disaster in ambulance simulator game. It is much more advance form of police rescue as here, you have to take many kinds of rescue responsibilities on your shoulders according to the need and call of the situation of rescue mission games. You have not any kind of internal or external limit of action in city ambulance hospital game and you can cover all your missions of rescue helicopter with facility and comfort by making show of your rescuing nature in open way.
Show fast speeds of helicopter ambulance game by give an outclass spectual of offroad ambulance car driving which is not less than 911 ambulance in any way. There is availability of all rescue facilities in your rescue ambulance of rescue games including strature, oxygen and pain killers. Turn into an active rescuer in ambulance game and give assistance to injured people in rescues hospital game to become a sign of sympathy in your city. Drive rescue car ambulance with full care and attention and try your best to solace fellow civilians during superhero city rescue in legendary style.Strive real hard to meet all basic and fundamental requirements of air ambulance game like a rescue warier by bringing people of light hero simulator out of trouble.
Light Speed Hero Rescue Mission: City Ambulance Simulator:
• Real like 3d animation of light speed hero.
• Exciting speed rescue missions.
• Latest model of city ambulance.
• Adventurous and novel rescue campaigns.
• High definition graphical presentations of game.


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