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It is time to relax, it is time to go fishing!
Ultimate Fishing Simulator PRO is a free, amazing and innovative fishing simulator that will allow you to fish anywhere, regardless of the weather. Catch fish, earn achievements, get hooked, become one of the best anglers. Beautiful 3D graphics and full freedom of movement will guarantee you an unforgettable experience!

Legendary fish are waiting for you! The four locations in the USA, Russia, Canada and Italy are full of interesting specimens - perch, bass, carp, sturgeon, catfish and many more! To be able to catch them first you have to choose the right equipment. At Ultimate Fishing Simulator PRO, you have over 20 reels, 20 rods, and different types of lures. As you progress, you will improve your equipment, so that the time spent with a fishing game is just a pleasure.

Looking for a challenge? Ultimate Fishing Simulator PRO offers over 150 challenges for casual players, beginners and advanced anglers. Perform daily and weekly challenges to receive valuable rewards. Get over 80 achievements that you can show to your friends. Let the competition begin!

Game features:
- Over 20 unique species of fish - perch, bass, carp, grayling and many more!
- 4 diverse locations: USA, Russia, Canada, Italy (and more in upcoming updates!)
- Full freedom of movement - choose the best place and catch the legendary fish
- Simple to learn and satisfying gameplay
- Realistic and breathtaking three-dimensional graphics
- Choose from 20 rods that allow effective catching of fish
- 20 reels - each of them guarantees bonuses
- Improve your equipment
- Over 150 tasks in the main campaign
- Diversified daily and weekly tasks to be performed
- Over 80 achievements



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