Jasper Chase 2

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Do you have ever played an endless running game? Do you happen to adore mighty bunny, pig and character mix-up games?

Jasper Chase 2 endless running game in 2020 designed for all ages who have love to play non-stop runner game.

Jasper Chase 2 is come with exciting features, smooth gameplay, multiple characters with most addictive graphics and have fun.

In Jasper Chase 2 let’s help the bunny to run fast in-game to avoid different obstacles and hurdles. , different hurdles and obstacles come to destroy you. Avoid it, you can make a high score and become a hero of an endless Jasper Chase 2 journey. Moreover, there are many bonuses that would appear on-road that come to make your journey easy.
Try out the amazing brand new non-stop endless running games to making your interest more fun.

• Jasper Chase 2 salient features •

• Play Jasper Chase endless runner game
• Easy to learn and play and move fast
• Avoid obstacles and enjoy non-stop fun & run
• Run as fast as you can, collect more coins & bonuses to unlock different rewards and have fun
• Character unlock from coin or IAP
• Different challenges mission to have more fun
• Avoid obstacles & Dodge the oncoming buses, and other hurdles
• Different obstacles come to make the game hard to beat
• Multiple characters and hover board to unlock
• Used hover board to get one more chance
• Available offline mode for all gaming lovers
• HD graphics & animation effects
• The free endless running game
• Ads, Rewards, and IAP

• Control •

✓Swipe left or right to move left/right
✓Swipe up to jump the character
✓Swipe down to slide
✓Double-tap to get hoverboard and much more exciting bonuses

• Bonuses •

Coin bundle: Will get you to give multiple coins
2x coins: Multiply by 2 times of each coin
Magnet: Will help you to get more coin easily
Jetpack: Will help you to pick multiple bonuses on the fly without any hurdles
HoverBike: Will help you to move fast but in a speedy way in the air.

** This game is free and supported by an ad. Don’t take it seriously and have fun! **

If you are facing any issue while playing, send us an email, Hurry! We will take care of it.



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