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With EdLock you study smarter, not harder. Choose from 100s of topics to learn. Our AI creates a learning path just for you. Make learning easy.

★ Use Edlock to lock any app with a single tap
★ Once locked a short quiz will appear before the app opens
★ Set the quiz to be a topic that you wish to learn - your first 3 topics are free
★ You can skip the quiz or unlock apps at any time
★ There are more than 150 different topics to learn with EdLock

★ Topics that you can learn ★

Expansive English - improve your english vocabulary
UK Driving theory test 2019 – including road signs and highway code topics from the DVLA as required to help you pass first time
Life in the UK 2019 – sample tests and questions for the citizenship exam for the UK, with 10 mock exams, to help you get UK residency
Fun topics: Famous Faces, US Presidents, Logos, Harry Potter, Marvel Heroes
KS1 and early Math topics: Addition, Subtraction, Times Tables, Division, Comparisons, Counting, Number Bonds, Odds and evens, Doubling & Halving, Telling the time
KS2 Math topics: Angles, Measurements, Averages, BIDMAS, Factors, Prime Numbers, Decimals
Languages: French vocab, Spanish vocab, Italian vocab, German vocab.
Academic subjects: Verbal Reasoning, Science and Geography
Important to know: Christianity, Hinduism
The Natural World: African animals, European Birds, Endangered Species, Dinosaurs, Space
UK Drone theory test 2019- as required by the CAA- based on the DMAC Drone code

★ Why EdLock is effective ★
- EdLock makes learning a habit by attaching education to existing digital habits
- Small and frequent sessions are the most effective way to learn
- Every learner receives personalised questions which adapt to the right level of difficulty
- EdLock has been built by Edplus an Oxford University spinout
- Proven to help learn anything and a great solution for tests such as the DVLA driving test, UK residency test (Life in the UK) and the new Drone theory test, as well as academic work.

★ How much does it cost ★
- You get 3 credits to learn any three topics for free
- To access additional topics you may buy additional credits or subscribe

★ What apps does EdLock work with ★
- You can lock any app with EdLock
- Apps people lock to motivate them to learn include: YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook

★ Features ★
- Secure Edlock with a password or pattern
- Change the number of questions you need to get right to unlock an app
- Set a time out period if you don't want to keep having to unlock apps
- Bypass the quiz by using your password or pattern
- Change topic to keep learning
- Monitor what you have learnt and earn badges
- Change your theme colour scheme, your avatar and your tutor to customise your experience

If you enjoy the app, please leave a review. If you have any feedback to help us improve please contact us at support@edplus.app - thank you!

Read our terms and conditions here: https://edplus.app/terms/
Read our privacy policy here: https://edplus.app/privacy/

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