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Coloring Book for Kids and Toddlers 2-5 years

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You are very fond of drawing, but everything doesn't work out on paper? Сoloring book for kids is an excellent solution for the embodiment of your child s talent! Draw pictures and fill them with color. A coloring game is an opportunity for adults and toddlers to draw together for fun.

Develop the creativity of your kids and spend time productively.
Dot to dot mode: your baby can easily create his masterpiece while learning the numbers! All numbers are pronounced in a gentle voice so that children learn.

Kind, warm coloring pages for girls and boys
- Summer garden
- Space
- Forest animals
- Happy birds
- Magic

Now everyone's favorite illustrations for coloring are always available: download our Coloring Book for free to your smartphone or tablet. Many pictures are just waiting for girls and boys to color them!
Apply colors by number, choose a brush, paint, and color!
Don't limit kids' creativity and imagination!

The coloring game will be interesting not only for little children 2-3-4-5 and 6 years old but also for caring parents. After all, this is not just a relaxing and colorful process, but also a training of imagination and creative abilities development!

What s unique and interesting
1. The mode of connecting the contour by points. Connect dots, and create a drawing!

2. Teaching numbers: when the points of the contour are connected, the app pronounces the numbers. Both features: the development of kids' motor skills and the base of arithmetic.

3. An extensive library of drawings for coloring: summer garden, space, forest animals, birds, and magic. So you embody your imagination, not being afraid to go beyond the drawing fields.

Doodle pictures on a smartphone or tablet. It is much more fun and comfortable than on paper or on a pad. Choose the level of desire and ability.
A straightforward and friendly interface.

When you need to draw, you do not think about using the app because this color page is for toddlers from 2 to 5 years old.
We don't limit you to tools, paint with brushes, pencils, or even your fingers!
Use various techniques to strokes paints, and don't forget about the variety of colors.

You create a drawing from the beginning, connect dots, and select a tool palette. Train your creativity and imagination. Filters and decorations, and special effects will help to embody them without restrictions.
Don t worry about mistakes and inaccuracies: you can delete or erase details at any time!
Download Coloring Book for kids for free to create drawings from simple to complex. Spend a happy time with your kids learn to paint together.


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5 条评价

Раскраски просто супер советую всем любителям рисовать.


Отличная раскраска для детей, ребенку нравится


Очень красочная раскраска. Ребёнку нравится. Спасибо большое!


Рисуем всей семьей, так сказать ☺ И дети на постой, и мама, когда скучно. Круто!


Раскраски для детей – это мастхев, я считаю. Круто, что теперь можно просто скачать их на планшет и не покупать многочисленные альбомы и рисовалки. Весьма удобно, неплохое занятие для детей всегда со мной.


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