Gnomes Garden: The Thief of Castles

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The gnome princess has finally come home. She managed to make peace with the trolls and befriend their queen, but at home, evil was afoot: a lord warlock collector stole the gnome monarch’s castle along with the royal family and established a domination! The princess must gather a team and set off on a new adventure to save her loved ones!

Set off with her through uncharted lands full of mystery and unbelievable creatures in the exciting casual fantasy/strategy game Gnomes Garden. It's a real battle royale, forge of empires, a game of war. Build a stronghold and save the civilization of the gnomes. If you like the age of empires 3 this game is just for you.

Lots of different objectives, more than 40 levels, a fun plot, simple and engrossing gameplay, and new game elements: all this and more awaits in a special magical world. Manage resources and building construction, plant magic giant trees, and fight against the dastardly warlock and his mass of followers. Simple gameplay and concise instructions will help you dive right in. Just don’t forget about the princess’ immense magical power if you get stuck! This is a great game for a plane. You can play building game on your mobile.

Metropolis, megapolis, airport city are a flurry which swallows you. Stop running all the time, build a city and thinking about 2020. Rest and feel your past in the kingdom game, immerse yourself in the magic world, fantasy town, giant kingdom and write your castle story. Create your own countries of the game garden. Become the igg for your kingdoms. Аs a result of that you can call this green country proudly “my city games”.

Gnomes Garden — track the evil warlock to the Grey Wastelands!

- An extraordinary magical world whose source of magic is ancient gardens.
- An upbeat plot, colorful comics, and charming characters!
- A multitude of varied quests and new gameplay elements.
- Colorful trophies.
- Over 40 unique levels.
- Unusual enemies: sentient plants, gremlins, fairy, tribez, stone dormice and... krakens.
- 4 unique locations: the magic forest, crystal caves, desert and Grey Wastelands.
- Useful bonuses: speed up work, stop time, run fast.
- Simple controls and a well-designed tutorial.
- Over 20 hours of exciting gameplay for all ages.
- Pleasant themed music.



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