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Calculator Applock & Media Vault is a very strong security app that can disguise as a functional calculator, Hide photos & videos secretly and securely, also it can lock access to your private apps with fingerprint/pin/pattern. It has no advertisements.

Top Features:

Basic Calculator
✓ Functional basic calculator with calculator icon. No one can find out what its hiding!
✓ Simple and beautiful UI.
✓ Enter your PIN to open Calculator Applock & Media Vault.

Media Vault
✓ Hide photos and videos in a few clicks from inside Media Vault.
✓ Hide photos and videos from anywhere using share provider of Calculator Applock & Media Vault . e.g, From your Gallery app, click share option for the image you want to hide, and select Calculator Applock & Media Vault to hide it.
✓ Hide freshly captured photos and videos using inbuilt Camera of Gallery Vault.
Slideshow: Easily start a slideshow of hidden images and videos. Activate beautiful slideshow transitions.
Decoy Gallery Vault: If your friend or relative finds out that Calculator Applock & Media Vault is hiding something for you, Then enter a fake decoy pin to unlock a Decoy Gallery Vault with dummy contents.

✓ Powerful Applock with Fingerprint, Pattern and Pin unlock.
Applock Intruder Selfie: When this feature is enabled, We take selfies of intruders attempting to bypass security of locked apps.
Fake Covers: Applock comes with extra fake covers like Fake Fingerprint on screen and Fake Crash covers.
✓ Lock new apps upon installation.
✓ Lock uninstalls and installs of other apps.
Advanced Uninstall Protection: Calculator Applock & Media Vault and Applock can be safeguarded against uninstall attempts using Device Administrator permission.

App Disguise: If Calculator app identity is blown, Use App disguise feature to change the icon of Calculator into a Scanner app with option to open Calculator from inside Scanner app.
Themes: If you are into colors, You can play around with beautiful theme colors.
Flip Flop Action: Setup an action when you flip your phone, Example Use case: When you are viewing hidden items, If some one comes in unexpectedly then flip your phone to open "".
Password Recovery Email: Setup a password recovery email.
✓ No advertisements.

⚠ Unhide every photos and videos from Gallery Vault before uninstalling Calculator Applock & Media Vault . Hidden data is stored inside internal memory and when you uninstall Calculator Applock & Media Vault without unhiding data, Your data will be lost forever.
⚠ Uninstall Protection: If you are using this feature, Then uninstalling of Calculator Applock & Media Vault will not be easy. You have to open Calculator Applock & Media Vault and disable "Uninstall Protection" and then you can uninstall the app normally. Also there is an option to uninstall the app inside "Uninstall Protection" settings.

ⓘ For advanced Uninstall protection feature, We require Device administrator permission access. We use it only to make uninstallation of Calculator Applock & Media Vault difficult. You can optionally not grant this permission and disable the feature.
ⓘ Applock requires Usage permission to detect app launches. You can optionally not grant this permission and disable Applock.
ⓘ Media Vault requires Storage permission to hide photos and videos. You can optionally not grant this permission and disable the feature.
ⓘ Media Vault requires Camera and audio record permission to capture fresh video/photo and hide directly. You can optionally not grant this permission and disable the feature.

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