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Elavon Biometric Authenticator

发行商: Elavon
价格: 免费


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The Elavon Biometric Authenticator App is a mobile app solution offered to Elavon Financial Services commercial card customers. Cardholders can authenticate their high-risk e-commerce transactions using device biometrics, securely and conveniently, via the mobile app.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) ensures that card issuers must confirm the cardholder is the genuine owner of the payment card before they approve online transactions. The app provides significantly enhanced security features when compared with the traditional OTP generating token and delivers an improved login experience through secure authentication.
Here is what you need to do:
• Download the Elavon Biometric Authenticator App.
• Open the Elavon Biometric Authenticator App.
• You will be prompted on screen to register your Elavon corporate card.
• Once registered, when cardholders are making a purchase online in an e-commerce environment, they will receive a push notification to the Elavon Biometric Authenticator App on their phone.
When the cardholder performs an e-commerce transaction that is determined to be higher risk, they will receive a Push notification on the device. When the user logs into Elavon Biometric Authenticator App from this Push notification, they can review the transaction details, and approve or decline the transaction in question.
Cardholder data is not stored in the Elavon Biometric Authenticator App itself but encrypted on internal servers. The Elavon Biometric Authenticator App only reads the data already available to you at the time of authorisation, this data is never stored on the phone or is viewable other than when you access the app at the point of authorisation.
Transaction history is never available on the mobile device.


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