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Empire of Mafia

发行商: GameClub688
价格: 免费


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Do you have what it takes to be the next mafia overlord? Are you able to be the next godfather?

Empire of Mafia is a free multi-player tactical action game set in the dark world which is full of gangsters. As a mafia godfather, you'll be commanding gangs and ringleaders, while slaying enemies in epic 3 VS 3 real-time battles. In this disordered dark world, conflicts break out among dozens of thousands of players across the globe. Conquer and become the greatest overlord of mafias.

Mafia conflicts are breaking out. Carve out your empire, recruit ringleaders and gangs, let ringleaders lead your gangs into battles and prepare for total conflicts!

Welcome to Empire of Mafia!

Order get lost, mafia rise!
In parallel world, governments perished, the society is in disorder. People organized mafias spontaneously.

City degradated into jungle.
The dark world is full of mafias, only violence speaks. Cities become a jungle for battles and conflicts.

Recruit leaders, organize your gangs.
In order to survive, you need to fight! Recruit ringleaders, gather gang troops. Train them through battles and conflicts.

Set formations and tactics.
Different gang troops have different formations. Change formations cleverly and adjust tactics timely to win the conflict!

Leader skills, Infinite Power.
Ringleaders have different skills which are powerful during conflicts and battles. Level up the skills to be more powerful!

Be the overlord of mafia.
There are countless mafias. Gather the strongest gang troops and recruit enough ringleaders. Group them well and attack your enemies! ‘Coz There will be only one overlord of mafia!

Game Features:

- Fun of Action & Strategy game.
- 12 cool mafia ringleaders from different continents, ready to be recruited.
- 60+ different gang troops from different nations, await to be unlocked.
- 100+ territories to conquer.
- 30+ maps to battle on.
- 100+ building upgrades.
- 2 passive and 4 active skills for each ringleader.
- 1 passive and 2 active skills for each gang troop.
- 3V3, battle with your brothers to defeat enemies.

The title of godfather is awaiting you. Let your enemies show some respect! Play Empire of Mafia, now.

Install today, it's free to play forever!


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42 条评价

It was a lot of fun


very good


I like this game very much!


looks like a good game


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