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Endava Insurance helper mobile application aims to facilitate the interaction with various medical institutions from Moldova covered by the existing insurance provider including all sides of interaction from easing a way to schedule a doctor’s appointment, to finding a health provider in the closest proximity to user’s current location.

This is a free app, created specifically to help speed up all decision making regarding choosing the most relevant health provider covered by existing insurance policy not to mention that this app brings a whole new level of convenience when it comes to accessing hospitals, their contact details, locations, storing key policy documents and getting the most out of your health insurance in terms of benefits.

Key features include:

1. Main Dashboard
Using the main screen of the app, you can view your insurance details, take photos of receipts or invoices and store them within the App to get later reimbursed for relevant medicine related costs.

2. Reminder
Create and maintain reminders for medicine’s administration and doctor’s appointments.

3. Find a clinic
A user can easily find a clinic close to his current location (or select any other region in the city and search there for a relevant medical institution) by easily switching to Google maps inside application .

4. Emergency contact numbers and policy helpline
All relevant contacts and support you’ll need in one place, whether you need to call emergency services such as Ambulance or if you just have a general query about your policy with any of the 30 hospitals& medical institutions.

5. Files
Store and access all insurance related files and photos within the App and not on the phone.

6. Languages
Only English language supported in this version

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