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Allez-Up! gives you the tools to be healthy and happy in your body. You will gain skills that allow the mind and body to work in harmony. You will gain focus and control, while avoiding needless stress and pressure.

Allez-Up! has several tools for daily practice and deep learning.
It includes:
- A series of audio movement instruction sessions
- Video movement instruction sessions
- Deep Body meditation
- Reminders and tips to continue your practice during everyday activities.

Based on the Alexander Technique, Allez-Up! utilizes physical mindfulness and movement exercises. It will guide you through daily practices of self-care to improve physical wellbeing and mental ease. You will practice expanding awareness of the body/mind connection. Your balance system will be reset for easier movement and reduced stress.

Mind and body are one. Use Allez-Up! to develop the body/mind connection to feel light, easy, and focused. Use the Alexander Technique, guided images, and simple information about anatomy to realize your full potential and eliminate tension, pain, and stress.
Guided audio exercises (Series One: the Basic Ten)
Develop your body/mind connection with a progression of ten eight-minute audio sessions. Each session helps you attend to physical sensations and breathing to calm and tune in to your body.

Video Tutorials
Short video illustrations of the joints will show how to move more efficiently. These videos can be watched again and again.

Deep Relaxation Lying Down
To deeply relax, a fifteen minute guided exercise can be done lying down.

Set Notifications
Using Google Calendar or Allez-Up! calendar, schedule daily practice sessions for daily reminders. Allez-Up! will also track the exercises you’ve completed.

Scheduling text reminders.
You will decide how often you want reminders to renew body awareness throughout the day with quick text tips. No matter what you are doing, it will help you have a more conscious and easy body.

Learning Series
Ten Separate audio instruction sessions
-The Alexander Directions
-Using a pause
-Expand your awareness
-Widening and lengthening
-Raising your arms
-Rolling the spine forward
-Expanding your breath
-Energizing your legs
-Freeing your jaw
-Put it all together

Helpful Videos with moving images of the body’s joints
-Turning your head at the top of the spine
-Freeing your hips
-Lengthening your arms
-Rolling your spine
-Freeing your jaw

Health and Fitness, Stress release App Designer: Sarah Barker



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