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Application description:
1. Create QR code quickly and easily.
* You can make any content you use as a QR code, such as a very personal business card, your email, your website, or a message to a friend, then save it to an album, or share it with your other apps. in.
* QR code is created as WYSIWYG, and your input is converted into QR code in real time, which is very fast and convenient.
2. Scan code is very fast
* Supports scanning and recognition of QR codes and barcodes. Easily scan and manage barcodes of common items in life, identify QR codes of friends or customers, etc.
* Support image scan code, you can identify the QR code or barcode image in the album.
* Support to turn on the flashlight illumination at night to scan the code.
*If the scanned content is a URL, you can open it and access it directly in the browser; because of the security problem of the unknown URL, we did not open the link with the website automatically;
* If it's just text, you can copy it directly, of course you can also share it with your friends or colleagues.
3. Intimate history
* Integrate QR code scan history and generate QR code history to easily find your usage history so you can reuse your resources.
* Delete history you don't want to keep with a single click

Feel free to give me better suggestions for use to improve the experience, thank you!
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