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真实 军队 直升机 模拟器 运输 游戏

发行商: Fazbro
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Helicopter game, Military Helicopter Transport an air transporter game, is a new game based on Army transport missions, un like Army gunship helicopter games or RC helicopter simulation game, it’s all about top secret rescue missions to transport secret spy, helicopter recuse mission or to transport army commandos, army tanks, army jeeps to the battlefield, army base camps captain cruise ship driving, cargo ship, ferry boat and other criminals transport boat on the high seas to transport the army personals to the offshore army base and WW2 Transport Duty in the warzone, the best transporter games. helicopter driving games with passenger, army helicopter games free 3d real mission

Military transport games, as an air transporter get ready to feel the throttle of a military cargo transporter with jail prisoner plane while its ready to take off with jail criminals and prisoners on us army transport mission, Once again be the captain you are the one in charge of army prisoner transport, with Army Cruise Ship Driving & offroad us army transporter, helicopter driving games with passenger, army helicopter games free 3d real mission. You will be helicopter pilot enjoy army helicopter driving in the open sea and the warzone on helicopter rescue mission or to transport army hummer, apc vehicle and army commandos to the war zones and battlefield in this Army Helicopter Simulator game, Before the helicopter flight the army jeeps and army soldiers they need to reach the transport helicopter first, in battlefield or warzone with land mines.

Military Helicopter Transport is not based on RC helicopter simulation but on real helicopter flight and in this case army helicopter transport for the real helicopter flight experience, being an air transporter you get to experience helicopter drive of multiple types of helicopter and chopper in this military helicopter transport simulator game. helicopter driving games with passenger, army helicopter games free 3d real mission You are army truck transport solider and commando here not a police transporter truck, now your task is different than other criminals transport game, you are given army boat & US army tanks you should be perfect in boat driving and tank driving as well. Task is briefed in the start of the mission like you must load tanks in transport plane and take to another island, be carefully while operating military truck transport.
Real Army Helicopter Simulator Transporter Game with Truck driving is a new unique modern challenging simulator game, unlike police plane transporter games, police car transporter games, police transport games, with army cargo plane, army cargo helicopter for army rescue missions, a part from transporting army criminals this game brings you the variety of army cargo supply responsibilities for army transport ship game. Get ready to be one-man army to complete the versatile jobs in this military cargo transport.

• Helicopter drive game to operate helicopter simulator
• Map to locate the position of soldiers and drop points
• Real Helicopter Controls
• Battlefield Environment


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Good game


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