African Men Trending Fashion Styles

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African Men Trending Fashion Styles

Fashion has evolved overtime. Styles have come and styles have gone. The year 2020 paved way for some amazing fashion trends which have taken over the racks for our men. These wears are for diverse occasions and age grades. 2020 has allowed for non discriminatory fashion in the industry. There are some of these styles that we definitely want to see in 2021, and some which must go! Let us take a look;

African Prints; Men have taken African prints to another level as they make it a major part of their dressings. African prints have been quite popular before 2020, but in 2020 fashion designers have particularly used it in the men’s fashion industry. This projects cultural heritage as well as the fact that men are set to take fashion to the next level. This is definitely one of the many fashion trends that has come to stay.

Animal Prints; It has indeed been a bold year as men rock animal prints. From the cheetah spots to zebra stripes. Animal prints have come to stay in the men’s fashion industry. It is as though it reveals an inner part in men uniquely.

Casual Suits; Suits have always and will always be in vogue! However, fashion designers have decided to give the all time traditional suit a little modern touch. Suits this year have been less than formal and they come in different colors. It is a look that leaves you feeling smart and relaxed at the same time. There is no pressure at all. This should definitely stay.

Cargo Pants; This is one of the many new fashion trends which men are getting used to. Cargo pants are also called cargo trousers or combat trousers. This loosely cut pants was designed for tough outdoor activities and has one or more cargo pockets. It mostly fits on the man’s body and can be worn with a simple T-shirt. For the young, it is a perfect and smart fit for their everyday activity. However, older men cannot exactly rock this.

We cannot choose which style out of these four should go because they are all amazing. But prepare for 2021; satin wears and heeled shoes for men seem to be gaining recognition, even in the men fashion industry in Africa



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