Buttocks Workout: 30 Day Workout & Diet Challenge

发行商: Darry Cowlly
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Why should you exercise with our bigger buttock exercise for women app?
💪 Leg workout for women at home
💪 Diverse exercises: booty workout, glutes workout, hip and leg exercise
💪 Does not require modern equipment, home workout no equipment
💪 Increase muscle, reduce excess fat
💪 See results after 30 day squat challenge
💪 Train a healthy lifestyle
💪 30 day diet challenge
💪 Practice butt exercise for women plan
💪 Track results every day

Friendly interface, beautiful design, application will definitely make you satisfied. With this exercise app for women, you will be practicing according to the exercises available for each day. Abdominal fat or weight problems are now not a problem either. Whether you are male or female, young or middle-aged, you can use the buttocks and hips workout app every day.

The advantages of the legs workout for women application will help you lose weight effectively:

1. Professional exercise plan
- Diverse exercises: thighs, buttocks, legs, stomach
- 30 day workout plan, 30 day squat workout challenge
- Time & level increase in each exercise
- Buttocks legs and hips workout, lose weight on legs
- Detailed instructions and visual description
- Easy to do at home, home workout for women
- Does not require assistive devices
- Create workout reminders

2. Diet plan for weight loss free
- Fat loss diet plan
- Split meals with appropriate calories
- Diet to ensure nutrition and support the training process

3. Tracking results
- Track your weight every day
- Track the training process by week
- Clear and detailed health statistics: BMI, weight, calories consumed, number of exercises

No need to register or login, you can still practice for free every day. So why not install and use the application now. No need to spend time and money joining the gym. You can practice at home with the support of the leg workouts for women application.
Start training today to own a perfect body. All efforts are paid off, after only 30 day workout challenge of training and safe, you will have a healthy and toned body.

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