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Family Tracker is primarily designed for parental monitoring and helps you keep your children safe.

With our app you can:
• View real-time location of those who have allowed you to track them
• See all your children on the same map
• Uses all the possible location methods: GPS, Cell Tower Triangulation and Wi-Fi. That provides the best possible balance between accuracy and dependability
• Works anywhere in the world, including free texting across borders
• Install on all Android devices under your Google Play Family Library with one purchase
• Use our web service to see the location of your children on your computer
• Minimal battery impact

Optional Pro Features include:
• The ability to see the historical location data(breadcrumbs) for those who have allowed you to track them
• Quickly Find out where your child was at a particular time by using breadcrumbs list view
• Export of the breadcrumbs info into .GPX and.KML file formats. That allows you to share or archive this information
• Geofencing - Set up multiple locations and get real-time notifications when a device is entering or leaving a geographic area

*** The Pro Features are optional and require an in app purchase in order to get activated!

Family Tracker requires the explicit consent of anyone you would like to track.

The application is clearly visible on their device.

Family Tracker is available for other platforms as well - check our website for more details.

Family Tracker does not need to know your phone's cell number to function, as it does not send SMS messages for notifications. It sends free Push Notifications to the device being tracked. These notifications are free and work anywhere in the world as long as the device being tracked has Internet access via the cellular network or WiFi.

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