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QuickTune H4 - Forza Horizon 4 Tuning Calculator

发行商: Fifty Inch
价格: 3.99 USD


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The power of QuickTune is now available for Forza Horizon for the first time!

QuickTune H4 - the successor of the highly acclaimed QuickTune 7 Tuning Calculator for Forza 7 - is now available with full support for Forza Horizon 4!


+ Calculates ready-made balanced and competitive tunes, no tweaking necessary!
+ Supports any car in Forza Horizon 4
+ Create road, dirt, cross country, drift and drag tunes
+ Choose between general purpose and track or season specific tunes
+ Supports imperial and metric units
+ "Favorites" features allows you to save and keep track of your favorite tunes
+ Automatically keeps track of 100 most recent tuned cars
+ Includes aero and transmission tuning


Simply provide following car data:
- manufacturer & car model
- power
- weight & weight distribution
- drivetrain
- suspension (springs and dampers)
- chassis reinforcement
- transmission
- tire compound
- tire width (front and rear)
- installed aero kits

Then choose the kind of tune and whether it should be a general purpose tune suited for multiplayer lobby racing or track and season specific tune ideally suited for rival races.

Further tuning options allow for custom tuning of tire pressure, anti-roll bars, springs and dampers, ride height, brake balance, differential, gearing and aero downforce.

Based on the provided data a tune is calculated for the car and selected tune type. ARBs and spring rates are provided with 3 fraction digit precision, set the in-game values to nearest value.

Use the "hp/kw" and "lb/kg" toggles to switch between imperial and metric unit input.

Use the "Rounded Values" toggle to switch between calculated and rounded values as displayed in-game.


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183 条评价

As a grandmaster top15 global drifter, this tune calculator is honestly the worse thing I've come across. Friendly advice to people wanting to download it, DONT! you will be better off creating your own tune and working on it with trial and error. The developers mum rides better than these tunes


The tunes were amazing the gearing tunes treated the cars as rwd sometimes though


Oh and some grip tunes in the app is a bit broke my car turns very weird. Take a look at some tunes and fix it too. Such as some cars have to much understeer or oversteer.(Grip Tune) This usually happens in off road grip tune in dirt racing and cross country and the gears is a bit short in off road tune. Its always happen when turning into the corner in dirt or cross country always understeer. And lastly all offroad cars (Not the rally one) The tune makes it handles more like FWD. I want RWD.


Hi, the Toyota Supra 2.0 GT is missing some options, the Toyota preset body kit and the extra tire with this option adds


Easy tool for tuning your favorite cars


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