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The choice to be private is here.

With FigLeaf, you have everything you need at your fingertips to be private — your way — on your favorite sites and apps. Finally, you decide what personal information you share, site by site.

With FigLeaf you will be able to:
- Check if your email has ever been breached.
- Fix breaches and get notified about new ones.
- Sign up with a masked email instead of your real one.
- Create strong and unique passwords with a tap.
- Hide your location and IP address while you browse.
- Encrypt all traffic so others can’t see your info.
- Auto-fill credentials wherever you log in.
- Store your passwords encrypted on your device.

Things like your location, interests, email address, and payment info. Fire up FigLeaf and Exposed Data Scan gives you a clear picture of how much of your personal info is floating around online. You’ll also have everything you need to stay private when you want to — all in one app. On public Wi-Fi? Connect privately with one tap. Signing up somewhere new? Get a masked email to use instead and keep your email private in a snap. FigLeaf even blocks trackers to keep your interests and activity private, and lets you pay for stuff privately. Hide what you want. Share if you want. It’s your choice.

With FigLeaf, you’ll always know if your personal info has been exposed and where it’s visible. Add your email and FigLeaf checks if your emails and passwords are floating around online on the dark web and in public databases, and then gives you the tools to do something about it. Plus, get instant alerts if your personal information shows up in a future data breach.

Signing up somewhere new? Choose a masked email instead of giving out your real one. It’s an easy way to keep your real email out of the hands of marketers — and data breaches. And messages sent to your masked email address are forwarded to your real one instantly.

FigLeaf encrypts and stores the emails and passwords for your favorite sites so you can log in without having to remember anything. That includes your existing logins, plus the masked emails and hard-to-crack passwords you create using FigLeaf.

Connect privately everywhere, including on public Wi-Fi. In one click, you can hide your activity and location from ISPs, hackers, and others, and encrypt your data so that it’s unreadable in transit.

It’s time for privacy online, everywhere. On the go on your mobile device or on your or PC. FigLeaf works on your favorite devices and keeps your personal information in sync wherever you go online, so you’ll always be ready to choose privacy.

Privacy is a big deal to us. And so is data protection. That’s why we can’t see any of your info. Everything you do is encrypted on our servers and on your device. If we need access to your info to help you with a transaction, we need your explicit permission to do so. That means no one can see any of your data. Not even us.

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