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The Finder App is a powerful savings tool designed to make your money work harder.

All your accounts, all your cards, all your spending. All in the palm of your hand. When you connect your accounts we’ll analyse your ongoing spending and expenses. Then we’ll alert you when you might be able to get a better deal for things like your home loan, credit card, health insurance and savings account. The app helps you easily keep track of all your money, gives you clever insights into how you may improve your finances and finds you better deals.

What makes the Finder app different

We get it, there’s a bunch of finance and budget apps to choose from. So why choose this one?

Finder has a large database of financial products and can tell you when one of those products may save you money. When you connect your bank accounts, we will analyse your spending to help find opportunities for you to save.

We’ve also been doing this for over 10 years. Over 2 million Aussies visit our website to save money every month.

App features

Spend tracking for all your accounts

Connect your accounts and view your spending in one simple app. You can connect and view your:
• Transaction accounts
• Savings accounts
• Term deposits
• Home loans
• Credit cards
• And more...

Better deals

Finder has a large database of credit cards, home loans, savings accounts and more. Better yet, we will be able to tell you when switching to one of these may save you money.

Clever insights

We will analyse your spending and expenses to give you useful insights and notifications so you can save more.

Credit score updates

You can view your credit score right in the Finder App for free. You’ll also receive an updated credit score every month to see how you’re tracking.

Cash position

How much cash do you really have? We give you a quick snapshot of your cash position, which we calculate by looking at your total available cash minus credit card debt, and how that’s changed over the past 30 days.

Subscriptions and bills

Budget better with a simple breakdown of your recurring expenses. In the app, you will see what bills you regularly pay and how much you’re paying. The app will also automatically categorise the bill for you. If anything isn’t quite right, you can edit it.

Free for all users

The Finder App is free for everyone. You won’t pay anything to sign up and there are no in-app purchases.

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