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FindPlant - Plant identification

发行商: FindPlant.Net
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Identify picture plants, picture insects, mushroom, picture crystal with a tap of your finger!
Learn more about plants, insects, mushroom, crystal around you!

- FindPlant - Plant identification application is your guide in complicated, yet fascinating flora of our planet. Upload a plant snap, insect snap, mushroom snap, stone snap to get your match and find out about that interested you in an instant.

- Looking for help with plant identification, but coming up short in your pursuit of answers? Give ""FindPlant - Plant identification"" a try! With a database of over 1,000,000 individual plants, and continue update everyday, we can get you looking in the right direction.

- Features:
+ Detect plants by picture .
+ Detect insects by picture .
+ Detect mushrooms by picture .
+ Detect crystal by picture .
+ My Garden: Your collection of personal favorites
After you are done with the plant identification (or whatever you wanted to classify), you might want to save the plant that interested you so much. Add it to your favorites for quick access and easy to care at any time.

+ PLANT CARE : plant care reminder for easy gardening
Keep forgetting to water or fertilize your plant? No more dead plants and no more guilt – set up a reminder in our app, and it will tell when it's time to take care of your plants without any hassle. We have a specific reminder schedule for each plant in your garden for today and the next 3 days

+ Pest & Diseases: Find and cure your plan quickly. With thousands of common diseases and treatments. We hope your plants is always healthy and green.
+ Search Plant: Search thousands of popular plants species that have been optimized by us. Provides you with knowledge such as: Water suggest, How to Grow, Soil, Fertilizer, Potting and Repotting, Varieties, Pet & diseases ...
+ Home weather: The fastest weather notification for you and your plant

- Information about the auto-renewal of subscription:
+ Subscription price starts at 1 Month ($3.99 USD) with a 3-days free trial period
+ Subscription price starts at 1 Year ($24.99 USD) with a 3-days free trial period

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