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Welcome to Home Design Apprentice. The home design App like no other. An App developed by designers for non-designers who share a passion for home design.

Because design is not a game.

The app features a friendly interface which allow user to create realistic 2D and 3D designs. The user can insert windows, doors and furniture. Colours and finishes can also be selected.

Home Design Apprentice features three versions.

Free version.
This version was originally design to allow our clients the opportunity to submit ideas, sketches on floor plans to our design team to implement in the design of their home. It has has since been launched to the public as a $0.99 App. It has most of the features of our Deluxe and Apprentice versions including the ability to save and post your designs to social media. However it does have limited access to in-app content like windows, doors and furniture. It also features advertising.

Deluxe Version.

This version allows access to all features of the App without any advertising. User are able to post their designs to social media as well as our App website. In-app purchase are also available.

Apprentice Version.

This is the flag ship version. With this version all features and components are available. With this version the user is given the opportunity to submit as many designs to our design practice for review and consideration. If their design meets our quality standards the design will be feature for sale in our online house plan store. If purchased by an online customer the design is converted into a full set of construction drawings with 10% of all proceeds from this and future sales being paid out to the apprentice user.

Home Design Apprentice – You’re Hired


2D and 3D mode. Draw walls and floors. Insert windows, doors, furniture etc.
Create unlimited number of designs.
Choose colours, materials and textures
Post on Social Media to show your friends and family your creative side.
Post on our Website ( Deluxe and Apprentice Version only)
Submit your design to make money. (Apprentice version only)
Enter in our weekly and monthly contest and special competitions throughout the year (Apprentice version only)



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