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Remote for Android TV - A remote with a mouse for Android TV.

NOTE: This app REQUIRES a USB OTG cable to be connected between your phone or tablet and the Android TV device during the initial app setup. On some devices the OTG cable may be needed each time the Android TV is rebooted.

Use your Android phone or tablet as a remote or mouse
Scrolling, clicking, long clicking, and dragging. Works just like a regular mouse.
Auto Device Discovery - Auto detects your Android TV for simple setup.


Android TV device: Nexus Player, NVIDIA Shield TV, Razer Forge TV, Sony Android TV, and most other Android TV devices are supported.
Android device: Android phone or tablet with USB Host mode support.
Note: The USB Host mode support is not required when using the app with Sony TV's.
ADB: ADB must be enabled on your Android TV. The app will guide you through the setup.
USB OTG Cable: The USB OTG Cable will be needed to enable wireless ADB.
Note: This is not required for Sony Android TV's.


Where can I find the IP Address of my Android TV device?
Settings - Wi-Fi - SSID - Status info

Where can I purchase a USB OTG cable?
These cables are available for purchase from Amazon and other electronics retailers.

The Android TV keeps prompting to allow ADB Debugging.
Simply check 'Always allow' to allow the app access to ADB without prompting.

After restarting the Android TV the app is no longer working.
Wireless ADB is disabled on some some devices after a reboot. Simply reconnect the phone or tablet and select 'USB Remote Sync' to enable the app again.

I have other questions. Help?
iostouchdev [at]

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