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Get the world's best coffee in your hand and fresh flavourful food in front of you right now! Not to mention free goodies, thanks to our generous loyalty program with guaranteed rewards. Eat, drink, smile and earn points to get free coffees. Be surprised by random acts of happiness, like free coffees, special offers and on-the-spot discounts. This app is so smart it even remembers your birthday... and gives you free birthday cake! Escape and refresh daily... Browse Jamaica Blue's menu, find your nearest cafe, order ahead and pay with ease. It's free, it's fabulous, it earns you points and free coffee (did we say that already?). So download the Jamaica Blue app and get a whole lot of happy.

What? You still need convincing?

• Free coffee when you download the app.
• Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend and exchange for free coffees. For every 25 points, you’ll get 1 free coffee!
• Free birthday cake during your birthday month. Happy birthday to you!
• Exclusive discounts and special offers. Because you're special too.
• Find your nearest Jamaica Blue café, its opening hours and how to get there.
• Skip the queue with pre-order and pre-pay.
• Customise your coffee.
• Save your favourite order.

Disclaimer: This app is compatible with Android 8 and above.

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