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Improve your pronunciation with Forvo! Forvo Pronunciation Guide lets you listen to, learn and record pronunciations in 340 languages.

The official Forvo app is powered by pronunciations from - listed as one of Time Magazine's 50 Best Websites in the world in 2013.

*Now includes eLearning!*
* Search for words and listen to pronunciations from native speakers
* English pronunciation, French pronunciation, German pronunciation, Chinese pronunciation, Spanish pronunciation and hundreds more.
* More than 4 million pronunciations available.
* Compare different accents for the same word in the same language.
* Listen to male or female voices.
* Keep track of your recently listened pronunciations.
* Works with your account.
* Record pronunciations in your native language and help fellow learners!
* Learn to pronounce properly in 340 languages.

What can you find on Forvo? What are the main features which makes it so unique?

With Forvo, you can search for words and listen to pronunciations recorded by authentic native speakers of the language you require. And it's not just the world's most spoken languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Japanese, or Italian. You can also search for words in Romanian, Greek, Ukrainian, Bulgarian or Czech. You can even find more localised languages such as Gaelic, Basque or Catalan.

One thing that really makes Forvo stand out from the crowd is its ambition to have all the words from all the languages in the world pronounced. Some of these languages may be unknown to the greater public, but thanks to Forvo you can also listen to and learn words in languages such as Kalmyk, Cambodian, Guarani, Hausa, Gilaki, Dagbani and many, many more.

Forvo also allows you to compare the way a word is pronounced in different accents from the same language. And with the guarantee that you are listening to exactly what you're searching for. Forvo assures you that you are always listening to pronunciations by native speakers. You can listen to these pronunciations by both female and male speakers and you can also adapt Forvo to your own requirements.

Enjoy over 4 million pronunciations on Forvo and learn to pronounce in more than 340 languages. Surprise friends and family and help your fellow learners by pronouncing in your own native language.

Want to know how it all works? Use your personal Forvo account to access this on-line linguistic community. You can save the pronunciations you have listened to in order to easily access them time and again. Select your main language so you can make the process easier. Create your own lists of favourite pronunciations and check on words that you have requested for pronunciation. Interact with other users by voting for and commenting on their pronunciations. With Forvo, you'll find multiple ways of enjoying yourself as you learn.

Discover the different categories in order to better identify pronunciations. Remember, Forvo offer the possibility to learn to pronounce in English, French, Chinese, Spanish and more. All the languages you could wish for!

Enjoy the ease of use of learning on-line without the need to look up words in specialized dictionaries. Other dictionaries may be able to give you a phonetic transcription of the word you are looking for, but it can't show you how it's pronounced. This is where Forvo comes in to its own.

The most complete pronunciation guide will help you resolve any doubts you have about how words and expressions you may use on a daily basis are pronounced. For travelling, communicating with others who don't speak your language, and much more. Sign up today to enjoy all these advantages and become part of the biggest pronunciation network in the world.



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