Classic Car Battleground

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The High quality mega action packed and thriller classic car shooting game of 2020 is available now. Experience the thrill of racing and shooting in one game.
The number of opponents increases with each level of the game and assures the driver that he will not encounter easy challenges in the game. With the whole world as a fighting & battle arena, whoever is caught between cross & fire dies. But the death race isn’t just for the assassins. The game is a free car-combating game and is a good choice for the driver to master his car chase skills in an unknown arena.

Choose and ride your classic car of death, upgrade your shooting weapon and destroy your enemy!
Make your rivals tremble with fear! Survive in burnout by scoring extra goals and resources to unlock new weapons, armor and game cars. Show them the best driving, shooting and fury! The game is exactly what you need! Battle unique bosses and avoid explosions, shots and traffic obstacles in every car fight. Drive cool, be tough and become the best car killer!

The controls of the car are composed of a steering with a movement to the left and right. The recoil and stroke controls are unobtrusive and are supposed to move the car forward or backward. The viewfinder is automatic and hits the cars to their approximation. The rocket button is installed in the game for a fatal attack on rival monsters. Modern rival cars are too fast to escape and are equipped with freedom of movement. The driver has to work hard to eliminate them.The crux of the game is that hitting opponents becomes more difficult if you are hollow in your shot.

Characteristics of Classic Car Battlefield:
• Variety of cars to choose
• Variety of levels of dependence
• Use powerful weapons to destroy other cars
• self-triggering
• Parachuting of health kits
• unlimited fuel
• Availability of infinite balls.
• Infinite amount of explosions, driving and fun!



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